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Dr. Tony Maglione

Political Pulse – COLONIALISM

Is America a colonialist power? How did colonialism begin and is it different now than it was 500 years ago? Is President Obama an anti-colonialist? Also, has President Obama hurt the middle class more than the wealthy during his presidency? Does this impact on his claim that he is for helping the middle class and not the wealthy in this country? And also discussed on the show is a lawsuit between Disneyland and a 28 year old American Muslim woman who wanted to wear a religious headscarf at work. In Dr. Tony’s corner, we will discuss whether politics is bad for your health and what to do about the stress it causes? This week’s “Schmuck of the Week” is a White House spokesperson who blames a sole video for the multiple uprisings in the Middle East against Americans. Be sure to visit Dr.Tony’s website to learn more about the host and his books “To How To Vote Save This Country” and “Obamacare“.