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Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side

Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side – Do Your Eyes Glaze at “QE3″? Do You Pooh Pooh The Federal Reserve And The ECB (European Central Bank)? Don’t. Their “New” Policy Is A Bigger Theft From Your Pocket Than the $1+ Trillion Looming In Tax Increases 3 Months From Now…And 2 Disturbing Articles–Failure, Futility, and Revolution.

Think the Fed is some distant,, shadowy, financial beasty that has no impact on you and your family? And that ECB “over there in Europe”–that’s too far away to affect you? Wrong, Very wrong. And if you are middle class, doubly wrong. Reid explains in simple terms what QE3 is–and what it is about to do to your pocketbook, your lifestyle, your children’s future and the dollar. Couple that with Reid’s explanation of the new taxes coming our way, and the Alternative Minimum Tax. Almost $3,000 from the pockets of 32 MILLION families starting 2013–and that’s not all. Couple those sobering explanations with the observations of the decline of the middle class by Chris Hedges in Failure and Futility, and the chilling observations on violence and potential revolution in a Stansberry interview of noted Historian Richard Maybury. Put these all together, combine them with what you have heard from Reid’s three national interviews of Elliot, Klein, and D’ Souza over the past month, mix in the sorry spectacle of a President lying to the American public on recent mid east and economic events, and it is all worth a long thought–or two.