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The Accidental Guru – Ben Gulak

As this show goes out for the first time; Ben Gulak is presently just 23 years old. He’s a businessman and inventor of The Uno, an eco-friendly electric powered vehicle that looks like a motor cycle doing a wheelie on its front tire. The vehicle got international attention, and eventually landing him on the cover of Popular Science magazine.

And by the way, Ben had already developed two highly acclaimed prototypes before he was 21.

In the midst of a media frenzy, Ben ended up on “The Dragon’s Den” (Canadian version of “The Shark Tank”) and all 5 Dragon’s, who usually torture the entrepreneurs who show up on the show, all wanted in!

Ben shares with us his story of going from aspiring artist to inventor, from science fare winner to being invited to the world economic forum in Europe. He will tell us how his latest invention The DTV Shredder could save the lives of those in military combat.

And why your ideas may not be as crazy as you think…(wait till you find out what the Google Boys and James Cameron are up to.