Championship Thinking in Sports

Jim Meier

Championship Thinking in Sports – Junior Spivey: Youth Baseball from a Major Leaguer’s Lens

After talking with 2nd base Major Leaguer Junior Spivey*, about youth baseball it was clear his opinions, insights and actions as a youth coach needed to be shared for Championship Thinking in Sports listeners. His career included a combined 5 years with the Diamondbacks, Brewers and Nationals, a 2001 World Series ring and 2002 All-Star selection. Junior’s take on youth baseball is direct and hands-on based. Expect to hear about, a) too many game/not enough practice, b) making youth tougher, c) repetitions, repetitions, repetitions, d) parental influence including his own, e) the World Series, pitching and small ball, f) ways to lessen pressure, g) importance of playing multiple sports, h) major league coaches that helped him, and more.