Championship Thinking in Sports

Jim Meier

Championship Thinking in Sports – Looking at Motivation through New Lenses

Former show guest, Greg Lauder, Head Baseball Coach Butler HS, Louisville, KY is this show interviews host Jim Meier about motivation. In simple terms motivation is the process that initiates, directs and maintains goal-oriented behavior. The questions you need to ask yourself are: 1) Do I have a well-grounded philosophy and solid methods for my approach for motivating? 2) Have I given serious thought to the cause and effect my motivation skills has on the success of my program? 3) How good am I at motivating others and myself? Greg, an accomplished coach, top rate teacher and frequent listener of Championship Thinking in Sports is a student of what drives people to do what they do and desire to succeed. Thus, since Jim and Greg use each other as resources it made sense to simply open up their dialogue to the show’s full audience. Expect to learn about: 1) the components of motivation 2) examples from Jim’s 38 year background on the topic 3) how motivation differs by organization 4) tips for getting yourself up when your down 5) 4 levels of motivation 6) why carrot and stick doesn’t work 7) Positive reinforcement techniques that do work 8) The big three element for unleashing greatness: Purpose, Mastery and Autonomy, and 9) where to go to learn more.