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Parenting With Playdate Planet

Meryl Neiman

Parenting With Playdate Planet – Do Manners Still Matter?

In a word – yes! On this week’s episode, I speak with civility expert, Vicki Fleming, a Certified Etiquette Coach who specializes in working with children and teens. You’ll learn why she believes manners are critical to our kids’ future success and how we can help our children gain the necessary skills to make and keep friends, ace a job interview, or gain respect from adults and peers. Vicki works with all ages and she shares great suggestions and resources to tackle all challenges from sloppy table manners to unwillingness to thank someone for a gift. As we approach the holiday season, it’s a great time to think about instilling politeness in our children. Manners is not the antiquated practice of white gloves and cotillions; it’s knowing how to be polite and courteous in all different social, school, and work settings.

To find out more, you can visit Vicki’s website, Your Manners Talk, or follow her on Facebook or Twitter.