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Creative Possibility – The Limitless Life

Shannon Bush

Creative Possibility – The Limitless Life – It’s That Easy! Online Marketing 3.0

If you’re a business owner you’ll know the challenges that come with trying to attract and keep new clients. In today’s world your clients are being bombarded with literally thousands of pieces of information at a very alarming rate. How do you get noticed and engage with those people who, if they can find you, are the perfect match for your goods and services? On today’s show you’ll discover that it can be easy. Hear how to engage with your community online, take advantage of joint venture opportunities and grow yourself and you business.

Join Shannon Bush as she explores the effortless opportunity that comes with Online Marketing 3.0 with multi award winning business woman Ludwina Dautovic. An inspiring and dynamic individual, Ludwina is an online digital new media specialist with over 20 years of business and marketing expertise. Her experience covers an expanse of areas from television and video production in the analogue era, to heading up The Red Tent Woman – a national women’s business network to now creating joint venture partnerships in the rhelm of online new media. Her latest venture is the first in a book series, ‘It’s That Easy – Online Marketing 3.0′.

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