Politics and Religion

Political Pulse

Dr. Tony Maglione


What steps can we take to save this country. Why learning how to vote is more important than who you vote for? Who are the real enemies to America’s future? Why there needs to be a movement to have term limits in Congress? How to help reverse the decreasing morality in our nation. In Dr. Tony’s corner, what can you discuss with family members during the holiday gatherings with respect to politics and religion? This week’s “Schmucks of the Week” are a political triad,who for the past two years have failed in leadership by their dishonesty and distortions. Be sure to visit Dr.Tony’s website to learn more about the host and his books “To How To Vote Save This Country” and “Obamacare” . Also, you can follow Dr.Tony on Thursday mornings from 7:30 to 8:30 AM EST www.livestream.com/talkmediatv .