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A Lasting Love

Hadley Finch

A Lasting Love – Thrive After Divorce-How To Avoid Mistakes And Create A Life You Love

Three successful divorcees reveal how to see a devastating divorce as a doorway to a great new life as Carolyn Ellis,, and Debbie S. Gibson, chat with Hadley Finch, and Love Matches-Love Vacations.

Host Hadley Finch and her guests share personal experiences of how the death of a marriage can slam you to your knees, when life as you know it falls apart.

How do you rise up without rage or resentment? How do you stop feeling lonely, afraid, unloved, unlovable, and start creating the life and relationships you love? How do you become a loving co-parent with your ex, no matter how much you hurt each other while your relationship collapsed?

Get the answers as Hadley and her two guests speak to you as one friend to another. Find out the toughest challenges they faced during divorce, and how overcoming them lead them to a happy new life.

Divorcing men and women will make that happen, too, as you discover how to:

* Get over a divorce while avoiding common mistakes that harm you and your children
* Lower the emotional and financial costs of divorce
* Stop being the victim and start being the creator of a great new life
* Compensate for a loss of a sexual partner with the Golden Rule of Dating After Divorce
* Get advice for someone who is newly separated
* Use the pain of divorce as a catalyst for an extraordinary life

The end of a relationship, no matter who ended it, is a damaging event. Hadley Finch and her guests give you life-changing tools to control the damage, heal heartbreak, start fresh and fall in love again, with the new you and your new life. Enjoy hearing the full version of the show’s theme song, written by Hadley Finch and titled: In Love Again.

Get the great love and happiness you deserve,