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Renee McGivern

Nonprofit Spark – Creating pilot programs to jumpstart new nonprofits or new services – 01/14/13

In late December, I replayed a 2012 interview with Aaron Rome about writing a statement of need for a grant proposal. It is really helpful if need to understand the kind of data and stories that you must compile to make a persuasive case for support. This week, Aaron and I take this conversation further to look at how creating pilot projects can help start-ups come to life and existing organizations grow.

Aaron Rome has been a grant writer and even a grant maker for 17 years. His fundraising experience started in his mid-20s when he founded a nonprofit aimed at improving education at urban high schools. He’s based in Rhode Island but writes proposals for nonprofits around the country. Part of the work he does is help nonprofits figure out if they have good information to write a proposal and what they need to do to get ready for it. He often suggests creating a pilot program to test a theory about how to improve services or solve a community problem.

This week’s show focuses on creating pilot programs that can become the jumping off point for a new nonprofit or for a new program for an emerging organization. One type of nonprofit has no track record and the other one does, but leaders of both types can use the common-sense advice you’l hear on this show. Enjoy.