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Wake Up America: Get Real!

Don Gould

Wake Up America: Get Real! – Inaugural Episode – After the Fiscal Cliff

The President and Washington DC’s congressional establishment breathed a sigh of relief at their 11th hour avoidance of a fall over the so-called “Fiscal Cliff”. The majority of American’s took a look at their first 2013 paycheck and asked “Why did my take home pay drop so much?” Please join Don Gould as he discusses the major downside of Obama’s lauded “Grand Bargain” with Josh Bernstein, political writer and strategist extraordinaire. This Fiscal Cliff bill in conjunction with Obamacare increases middle class taxes across the board in a major way. Additionally, this Spend-Spend-Spend-Tax-Tax-Tax President has made no secret of his intention to go after additional taxes and spending. Obama also lied in stating that his administration has saved over one trillion dollars. The reality is that he has increased spending by more than one hundred billion dollars and still has no budget in place.


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Josh Berstein – Link to:http://www.joshbernsteinpoliticalwriter.com