Love and Relationships

Just Between Us

Jackie Black, PH.D., BCC

Just Between Us – Can You Really Re-ignite Passion Once It’s Gone?

Creating, nurturing and maintaining intimacy in long-term, committed relationships is the toughest and the most worthwhile undertaking one can accomplish.
Intimacy and passion aren’t an automatic response. Intimacy and passion aren’t a given because you love someone or feel loved by someone. Intimacy and passion don’t come with a commitment or with a marriage license. I believe that the basic, fundamental element of intimacy and passion is cherishing each other!
My guests in this episode are Sayten and Suzanne Raja, the creators of a DVD series called Ignite Passion Now and a long-time married couple. They believe that it is not the information, knowledge or skills that make couples fall back in love with each other…it is the experience of re-igniting the passion. They are joining me today to talk about how to re-ignite the passion when, inevitably, passion takes a day off in all healthy relationships –until we understand how to reignite passion keep it going!

Join me for this fascinating conversation with Sayten and Suzanne Raja, creators or the DVD series Ignite Passion Now.