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Rosanna Pittella Ph.D.

Voice of American Education – The American Dream School and Amazing Innovations by Courseload

Mickey Levitan, who is the founder
and CEO of the amazing company, COURSELOAD Mickey brings us an exciting new innovation that sure will change the face of learning in the coming years and positively impact many generations of students in a very practical way for years to come Before Mickey arrives, Dr. Rosanna Pittella, host describes, for those of new to the show, why VOICE OF AMERICAN EDUCATION is so focused on excellent ideas, services, products and people that will support positive change as we go forward with the America Dream School.
She answers the questions -
1. What is the American Dream School’s
mission, its purpose?
2. How will it accomplish its mission?
3. Who are its designers?
4. Where will the first one be
5. How do you find out how an American
Dream school can be established for your community?
6. How do you get involved?
Listen and learn about the changing face of American Education and enjoy Voice of American Education on with Dr. Rosanna PIttella.

Learn more about The American Dream School at and about Mickey Levitan and Courseload at