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Just Between Us

Jackie Black, PH.D., BCC

Just Between Us – Step-Parenting: Top Strategies to Kill Off the EVIL Step-Mother Forever!

Stepfamilies are now the predominant family structure in North America. That means that more North Americans are living in stepfamilies than in nuclear families (Mother and Father married to each other with one or more biological children).

Did you know…
• Approximately one-third of all weddings in America today form stepfamilies?
• 1,300 new stepfamilies are forming every day?
• 50% of the 60 million children under the age of 13 are currently living with one biological parent and that parent’s current partner?

My guest in this episode is Claudette Chenevert, a Master Stepfamily Foundation Coach, author and speaker. Claudette is going to help us understand much more about this often misunderstood and even more often infuriating and disappointing family structure, and offer top strategies that will support you to end the stereotype of the Evil Step-Mother and create a happy, stable stepfamily home.
Claudette is a contributing writer for Diva Toolbox and Xpanded Family Magazine, and has created a very active Facebook Group where you can read articles and listen to audio recordings that are juicy and full of solid, easily usable information on how to create cohesive and harmonious stepfamilies.
If you are a step-parent, step-child, step-grandparent or know anyone in a stepfamily structure, this episode is a Must-hear for you!