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Wake Up America: Get Real!

Don Gould

Wake Up America: Get Real! – The Systematic Destruction of America’s Christian Values and Morals

Today we are going to discuss how Obama and his legions of sycophant followers are systematically attempting to destroy America’s Christian Morals and Values on the altar of Tolerance and Diversity. Our special guest today is Pastor Roger Mattox, President and Co-Founder of Oasis International Ministries a Poteau, Oklahoma based Christian Ministry building churches in Ghana and Liberia, West Africa. Oasis also supports a major orphanage in Ghana as well as providing support to Pastors attending Bible School in Ghana. Don, Suzette and Pastor Mattox will also discuss the difference in people coming to Christ in Africa versus what is happening in America. We will also address potential responses to America’s falling away from the God of our fathers and founders.