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Ancient Yoga Alive – Camilla Gray-Nelson, author of Lipstick and the Leash

Camilla Gray-Nelson, the Dog Talk Diva™, has trained over 10,000 dogs and their people for 23 years. No “ordinary” dog trainer, she’s an empowerment specialist! She was raised on her family’s dairy farm and learned from her animal friends that power and influence are not necessarily related to size or strength. Her specialty is helping women gain respect and control of the family dog the quiet way, while she stays in emotional control. She then becomes the leader of the dog. When a woman (or man) yells at a dog in anger she is perceived as weak and loses respect of the dog. She is not perceived as the leader. At her DAIRYDELL CANINE Doggie Dude Ranch & Training Center in Petaluma, CA. she trains women to set boundaries and persistently follow through with their power to be successful. Camilla’s positive energy and her unexpected and successful approach to dog training works! Contact her at and