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Tragedy to Triumph

Victoria Mavis

Tragedy to Triumph – Breaking the family tree from the seat of a power chair

Being born into a life of poverty, drug and alcohol abuse, and having severe cerebral palsy at birth would be enough to cause some people to give up, or to continue in a lifestyle that spirals downward. However, Mark E. Smith the founding editor of and an icon in the Power Chair industry, didn’t let his family tree stand in the way as he overcame each obstacle, including public wheelchair accessibility during an era when there were few if any public accommodations for individuals with disabilities. The stories of his life demonstrate the raw determination of moving from tragedy to triumph.

Victoria Mavis, Tragedy to Triumph talk radio host interviews Mark as he delivers an inspirational message about how he overcame all odds at a very early age, including being one of the first children with cerebral palsy to have a power chair. Mark excelled in early adulthood into his role as Consumer Research and Market Outreach Manager for Pride Mobility Products Corporation.

Mark is the author of three books and countless magazine articles and columns. He is also a lecturer, an inspirational speaker, and father to his sixteen year-old daughter, Emily.


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