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Nonprofit Spark

Renee McGivern

Nonprofit Spark – Harnessing board energy and enthusiasm to cause non-profit growth – 02/25/13

This week, I speak with the executive director of a small nonprofit in Dallas, Texas about how she has worked with her board to cause the young organization to grow by leaps and bounds. My guest is Teri Walker and her organization is the Aberg Center for Literacy.

What actions did she and her board members take that caused the number of clients and volunteers to grow significantly in a relatively short time? Did they carry out a careful plan or create and adapt as they went along? How did they get the right mix of people on the board and how active are they? What public relations have they done to increase financial and volunteer support?

Teri and her board have discovered a formula that works for them in expanding the scope and reach of their literacy and learning programs. Their approach just might work for you and your organization as well. You be the judge!

A related show is interview I did last fall with an executive director and her board president who work with an award-winning literacy organization in North Carolina. You’ll hear a different approach to building an organization that addresses the same community issue. Listen to Cape Fear Literacy Council.

I hope you enjoy this week’s show.