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Meryl Neiman

Parenting With Playdate Planet – How to Help Raise Your Child to Date Safe

We talk a lot about date rape and teenage pregnancy in this country, but I don’t think there’s enough discussion about how parents can help raise their children to make good sexual decisions. So, on this week’s show, I speak with Mike Dormitz, founder of the Date Safe Project and the creator of HELP! My Teen is Dating. He suggests ways that parents can help guide their children to make smart, healthy, and safe decisions about dating and sexual contact. Listen in to learn:

At what age parents should start talking to their kids about sex

Whether we should speak differently to boys than to girls about these subjects

Why teens should ask permission before kissing a partner

How good kids can end up committing sexual assault

What you must say to your children now so that they will turn to you later if they are the victim of unwanted sexual contact

As usual, I will blogging about this week’s show topic at the Parenting with Playdate Planet Blog.