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Elaine K. Sanchez

Caregiver Help Radio – Living With Early Onset Alzheimer’s

One out of three people over the age of 85 has Alzheimer’s. There’s no cure, and there’s no way to slow it’s progression. It’s tragic for anyone who gets it, and it is especially devastating when people in their 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s learn they have it. Diagnosing Early Onset Alzheimer’s is difficult. Doctor’s don’t expect it, and they often mistake the symptoms for stress. So at age 57, when Rick Phelps was told he had Early Onset Alzheimer’s, he actually felt relieved. He’d known for five years that something was wrong. Now he knew what it was. He learned he’d have to give up an interesting and fulfilling career. He also knew, in time, he would lose all his memories. He went online and looked for websites that would provide support. When he couldn’t find one, he created his own: Memory People, a Facebook group that helps individuals with Alzheimer’s and their caregivers connect with one another. He also wrote the book, “While I Still Can”. Join us as we speak to Rick Phelps and his wife Phyllis about how they are turning this terrible disease into an opportunity to learn, grow, and help others.