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Prosper Now! – Using Conversation for Career Advancement

Did you know that your ability to make conversation can actually help you to advance at work – even if yours is a very technical job? Even in fields as technical as engineering, the biggest reason for being let go from a job is not being able to play well in the sandbox with others. Being able to converse easily and make friends with the people around you is a skill that isn’t taught anywhere, but it can have immense benefits for your career and your social life. But for most of us, we just don’t know what to say to get the conversation going.

Shawn Kent Hayashi is an expert in teaching people how to increase their conversational skills and use them to get noticed and advanced at work. Her new book, Conversations That Get Results and Inspire Collaboration will give you great conversation starters that you can use to break the ice, get noticed, gain friends and ease your climb up the corporate ladder. Join us to get her best tips firsthand!