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Donna’s Quantum Café

Donna’s Quantum Café – Accessing the Energy Field Through Kinesiology

Guests: Lucia Soppe, Energetic Kinesiologist

Innate intelligence or inner knowing is the wisdom contained in every living thing. This wisdom, or consciousness, directs us to make choices in our lives to support our well-being, similar to a plant turning its leaves to the sun, or horses in pasture choosing the herbs and vegetation they most need to nourish and cleanse them at that time. Energetic or intuitive healers tap into the innate intelligence or inner knowing of their clients, animal or human, to assess their “field” or frequency, check for imbalances and gain information about what that individual needs to heal.

One technique for doing this is called ”kinesiology“, a method of energetic testing that utilizes muscle strength, either the practitioners or the patients, as a transducer or energetic gauge of a ”yes/no” response system, basically dialoguing with the energy field of the patient. Imagine being able to ask yourself anything and receiving the response that will bring you the greatest health, wealth and harmony! Tune in as we explore how to “talk to the living field.”