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Michael Gosney

Eco Evolution – Silicon Valley Ingenuity and the New American Dream With Marianna Grossman of Sustainable Silicon Valley

As we foster regional, corporate and social transformation toward a sustainable world, Silicon Valley stands at the epicenter of all three spheres of change. As a region, its local institutions are committed to adopting sustainable community design and practices. As home to some of the most influential technology companies on the planet, this is a community that can accelerate the greening of the international ICT sector. And as the innovation center of the digital world, Silicon Valley visionaries are uniquely positioned to launch a new generation of tools and services to facilitate our shift to sustainability. Marianna Grossman, the Executive Director of Sustainable Silicon Valley, has not only pursued the non-profit’s original multi-stakeholder mission to develop a regional environmental management system, but also has developed a number of programs that are bringing Silicon Valley’s best and brightest together addressing the technology industry’s current and potential contributions to sustainability in both its practices and its products and services. This conversation covers a lot of territory, including SSV’s work with NASA, regional initiatives, and corporate engagement in the global shift movement. The bottom line: we are counting on American ingenuity to invent the New American Dream – of a world in which our grandchildren will thrive.

Sustainable Silicon Valley