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The Book of Dad – Coping with Pornography Addiction

I can tell you from personal experience that compulsions are difficult to control. Compulsions manifest themselves in many ways, addictions to various things, substance abuse, alcohol, drugs, smoking, etc. Ah we left out one, pornography; whether or not we realize it or not it is an addiction, one that leads and escalates to various destructive behaviors, fixation, complacency, lack of productivity, sexual aggressiveness and ultimately criminal activity. Pornography abuse is perhaps more prevalent than one might think. In fact, I heard that an attempt to conduct research on the behavioral differences between pornography users versus nonusers was undertook. However, the study could not be conducted because those attempting the research could not find any nonusers.

Couple this prevalence with enhanced accessibility via information technology, its use has reached perhaps epidemic proportions. Today we talk with a former addict, counselor and advisor on dealing with Pornography Addiction, Compulsions Solutions’ Mr. Kevin Behan.

Kevin Behan has been trained in sex addiction counseling by Compulsion Solutions Director George Collins and is also in the process of receiving his Masters in Psychology at John F. Kennedy University. Having personally been caught in the throes of sexual addiction, Kevin became a client of Compulsion Solutions. About to get a divorce, and feeling desperate not to lose his wife and child, Kevin dedicated himself to no longer being at the mercy of his sexually compulsive behavior. Kevin was ultimately able to make major changes in his life and save his marriage. Kevin’s awareness, compassion, and devotion to the process of change inspired George Collins to encourage Kevin to pursue a counseling career.