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Time Management Radio – Dr. Susan Orenstein: How to Make Time for Sex with your Spouse or Partner and Tips to Nurture your Relationship

Amidst all the daily chaos, it can be easy to place priority on getting things done. But if you don’t stop to take time to build and nurture the relationship with your spouse or partner you can become disconnected and your relationship and intimacy can suffer. Listen to this important conversation as we discuss how to make time for sex with your spouse or partner to build love and understanding. We reveal tips for nurturing your most important relationship, ways to build intimacy and avoid taking your loved one for granted.

My guest is Dr. Susan Orenstein, a licensed psychologist who has some great tips and ways to invest time in your most important relationship.

• We discuss “The Daily Temperature Reading” and how to create 15 minutes a day to “plug in” to your relationship
• We talk about the 5 steps to staying connected
• We discuss how to make time for sex and intimacy with your partner
• And we offer tips to create and protect time for your relationships

Dr. Susan Orenstein has been helping people improve their relationships since 1998. She’s the founder of Orenstein Solutions, a group psychology practice in Cary, NC specializing in helping her clients with relationship counseling and couples counseling in order to build a sense of understanding, love, and intimacy. Susan makes frequent media appearances and has been interviewed by The New York Times, Real Simple Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal.

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