Living Green

Eco Evolution

Michael Gosney

Eco Evolution – Greening the Construction Industry for Human and Ecological Health

With Howard Williams of Construction Specialties
The built environment is one of the most important dimensions of the sustainability movement. While green architectural designs promise low carbon footprint projects, and green building practices lesson the construction industry’s negative ecological impact, the sourcing and production of construction materials is a key to not only a healthy environment but also to human health. Construction Specialties of Lebanon, New Jersey, founded in 1968 with current annual sales of $350,000,000, has a leadership position in the international construction industry, supplying fabricated building materials to iconic architectural projects. Since the mid-1990s the firm has been on a path to sustainability, eliminating toxic waste from their manufacturing processes, achieving Cradle to Cradle certification for many of their products, greening their supply chain and adopting ecologically responsible practices in the local regions of their plants. The conversation covers the origin of the company’s green ambitions, their progress along the way and their many awards, the eco evolution of the construction industry, the green architecture movement, and other companies that are leading the way in the field.