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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick


In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” your host Sheryl Glick welcomes her very special guests Harry Massey and David Hamilton author’s of Choice Point- Harry Massey’s film and The Choice Point Movement for a blueprint for an enlightened world community working cooperatively for major world changes. An awakened population will benefit from sharing information and new possibilities for the improvement of their personal reality, and for the creation of a more well functioning world society solving modern day problems through the power of educated choices for change.

I am privileged and thrilled to have read “Choice Point” which expresses the theme and mission statement of” Healing From Within.” That theme leads us to recognize our nature as loving cooperative and compassionate human – soul beings who have within their thinking and actions, the spiritual tools necessary to align to their own life purpose or life plan, thereby becoming responsible representatives for these times and for today’s challenging world conditions. The hope for becoming part of a new perspective for change is to improve the world we hope to leave to the children of the future. Another primary focus of “Healing From Within” is simply to help us know ourselves better so the choices we make become clearer to us. “Choice Point” offers a plan for knowing ourselves better and a personal blueprint for transformation. In beginning this process of personal transformation you may also then align with a global community of like-minded people answering the evolutionary impulse that draws us to become better people, create better lives for ourselves and making the world a safer well- functioning environment. Throughout the book is woven the collective wisdom of the world’s leading thinkers, scientists, visionaries and luminaries sharing how they’ve made pivotal choices for themselves that have led to the fulfillment of their life passions, while serving others and healing themselves in the process. Some of the many people associated with this book and film are leading change makers-including Jack Canfield, Dr. Larry Dossey, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Gregg Braden, Tony Benn, Peter Buffet, and Sir Richard Branson and a host of others.

Furthermore, “Choice Point” the collective wisdom of leaders intent upon helping the world survive the many natural worldwide events in a better way, shows you how to understand your world like never before- recognizing the repetitive patterns of the Universe and suggesting ways to utilizing these patterns to “Become the Change” that you want to see in your personal life and in the world around you. The emphasis of an article in September of 2005 in the journal of Scientific American informed the world of how critical our situation really is. The title, “Crossroads For Planet Earth” suggests that the way we solve the many crises including our response to climate change, the growing levels of extreme poverty, the emergence of new diseases, the growing shortages of food and fresh drinking water, the growing chasm between extreme wealth and extreme poverty, the separation between religious belief systems, the violence and use of guns and the demand for energy will be crucial for sealing the fate of our entire species. The choices of a single generation within a small window of time which is “ Now” will be the determining force of the future.

Choice Points are actually windows of opportunity that are created when there are events that occur where you have the choice to do something different so that you are supported rather than fighting against the patterns unfolding in nature. Choice Point is a term borrowed from physics and can be considered a place of branching or forking or a point of possibility. It can also be thought of as a fork in the road that creates another road. The idea behind Choice Point is we can choose which of those two roads to go down. If we make the same choices that we have made in the past, than it will lead us to the same problems on a larger scale. Another road may lead us to a world of peace, fairness, of education, of harmony.

As we live in a world of cycles, natural processes are driven by the biochemistry of our bodies, which itself is driven by the cyclic rotation of the Earth. Our social lives run in cycles too, as do many world events. A Choice Point emerges when one cycle ends and a new one is about to begin. Many leaders in the world believe that the number and severity of the crises now facing us indicate a cycle or way of life coming to an end and that a Choice Point exists on a global scale. Writer and futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard says “ I think what is unique about this time on planet Earth is that we’ve hit a global set of crises: pollution, overpopulation, climate change, global warming.” She believes that we cannot continue to live as before because it is unsustainable. As Einstein said “We cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

Change is inevitable, but now more than ever it seems imperative that each of us choose change that serves the highest good of others and our world needs. In light of the major hurricane in the East Coast of the United States pre- Thanksgiving 2012, which caused loss of life and billions of dollars of property damage, and immediately after that horrific storm, pre-Christmas and pre-New Year 2013, a shooting in an elementary school in Connecticut took the lives of 20 kindergarten children, a principal and 5 teachers. It would seem abundantly clear that the need to reevaluate our decisions concerning climate changes, energy usage and gun control and our human values and the car of our mentally ill and most vulnerable population must be reevaluated and changed. This is a major Choice Point crying out for CHANGE!

Adoptive and foster parent Attorney Jodi Orton says that having seen what greed and power have done she is hopeful that this generation will learn to work as a team for a new level of empathy and kindness to bring change that will care about the masses and be less individualized. We hope at this pivotal point in history our political leaders will work together within that framework and change what has needed to be addressed for far too long. Protection from senseless sales and use of weapons , greater care for the mentally challenged, and money spent on building life- building monuments to the future- schools, facilities and support programs to help the families of the many challenged special needs children, enough police and military to protect everyone, and the improvement of all conditions and resources related to health. Not less spending and cutbacks- just spending in the right direction without waste, greed and misappropriation of funds.

Harry and David go on to discuss the concept of Fractals. Fractals are similar on all scales that you look at and are simply repeating patterns in a person’s life, happening at different times. Like the pattern that repeats itself at different scales of magnification, such as a leaf or a snowflake when observed as even a part of the whole, will resemble the whole leaf in overall shape and texture. There are fractal patterns in the whole universe as seen by planets clumped around a star– and then a big gap to the next star system. Our brains and the cosmos though vastly different, have the same texture. We also see the same texture in society. Humans cluster together in social networks in towns and cities, just as galaxies cluster together in the galactic network, and brain cells cluster together in the neural network.

Knowing that nature is full of fractal patterns and that fractals are a common thread that runs from the quantum world through nature as we know it and also to the cosmic world show us again that much of human life and nature is governed by cosmic cycles. Much of human biology operates cyclically. Natures impacts in cyclic ways and our life experiences repeat themselves until over time we make different choices.
In regard to these references to the impact of cycles and to possible new ways to move away from primitive self-defeating responses, Elizabeth Sahtouris explains that when the species is young in evolutionary history, it tends to be competitive, it fights with itself, it overshoots its environment and either it learns to cooperate with its environment and other species or it becomes extinct. That has been the behavior of civilization until now. At this time in our evolutionary history we are most definitely moving from Competition to Cooperation to Communication and these emerging trends will grow stronger increasing our chance of success. Perhaps these repetitive patterns, fractals and problems are indeed evolutionary drivers which must lead to a more creative and better way of doing things. Let us hope so.

In conclusion, our individual lives are the sum total of the interaction of the patterns of energy and information that we are aligned with both consciously and unconsciously. So for understanding unending conflict in your life and indeed in all our lives, Gregg Braden says, “When the pattern doesn’t fit well with existing and natural patterns or the patterns as we know at that time, that is when we might find things difficult in our lives. If you are in relationships or work situations where the behavior, goals and sense of purpose are not in tune with your life path, training, knowledge or information or instincts, there will be no meeting of the mind and only RESTRICTION AND FRICTION.” Recognize The Choice Points as they unfold, then create a new way of viewing yourself and events, make choices that come from within your deeper sense of values which benefit everyone and Harry David and Sheryl predict you will make unbelievable personal progress.