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Renee McGivern

Nonprofit Spark – Using dashboards for nonprofit evaluation – Replay – 05/06/13

This week’s show builds on last week’s about budgeting. On that show, I mentioned how important it is to help your board understand your budget and financial statements. These reports are not easy to read and nonprofit leaders add to the confusion when they create a budget that doesn’t closely resemble the ensuing financial statements. Make them match! Also, create a simple visual dashboard so board members can immediately see how you’re doing financially and even, programmatically.With that in mind, I’m replaying a “show and tell” show from a year ago with Myia Welsh, an independent evaluation consultant who created and discussed sample dashboards you can download here.. She produced them using Microsoft Excel, so no fancy software is required to make these handy visual aids. I bet you can find a volunteer or staff member who’s facile with Excel and can create these for you.