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Prosper Now!

Tracy O’Brien

Prosper Now! – Turning Disaster Into Possibilities and Success

The fear of job or business loss is usually there in the back of our minds, like termites behind the walls of our homes, chewing away at our confidence and peace of mind. The quiet, unending stress takes its toll on our health, career and relationships, doesn’t it? But what if that loss could become the best thing that ever happened to us?

Tammy Hawk-Bridges lived the scary reality of leaving corporate America without a safety net. Rather than panic, she used it to launch several new businesses that taught her valuable lessons she’s going to share with you, but also ultimately led her to the business that’s perfect for her. She now runs Perfect Marketing Equation and is the author of the book, Yanking Bootstraps – Bootstrap Your Business to Success. Join us to find out exactly what you need to weather this crisis and come out happy and successful!

On the Whole Life Prosperity segment, it’s Love On The Run. We’ll be talking with Charles and Elizabeth Schmitz, marriage and relationship experts extraordinaire. This couple has worked together for 40 years on degrees, businesses, a book – Building A Love That Lasts – and a speaking career that has spanned the globe. They’re going to share 4 keys to building a great relationship while building your career.