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Mary Treacy O'Keefe

Hope, Healing and WellBeing – How to Thrive if You Have ADHD with Dr. Craig Surman

Adult ADHD is under-treated, under-recognized, and often under-supported – especially among women. It impacts relationships, family, and health (self-regulation challenges have a broad impact– not just on how people learn, get tasks done, or communicate – but on sleep patterns, eating patterns, and emotional expression patterns.)
This week’s guest, Dr. Craig Surman,MD is Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School; Scientific Coordinator of the Adult ADHD Research Program at Massachusetts General Hospital and co-author of a new book, FAST MINDS: How to Thrive if You Have ADHD or Think You Might. FAST MINDS is an acronym for the many traits possessed by people with ADHD:
Forgetful, Achieving below potential, Stuck in a rut, Time challenged, Motivationally challenged, Impulsive, Novelty seeking, Distractible, Scattered
Four percent of adults have ADHD. Millions more – about 10 percent of the population – have enough FAST MINDS traits to keep them from performing as well as they should. But with the right combination of lifestyle and behavioral strategies designed for their unique way of thinking, ADHD sufferers and everyone can adapt to their challenges and even thrive. Dr. Surman discusses some of the strategies to use to deal with situations, including “popcorn thoughts” that are so distracting. For example, writing down the thought enables a person to get it out of their head. He also shares suggestions for activities loved ones can do for their family member or friend with ADHD. His book is a mix of practical strategies with good self-care techniques. For more information, please visit