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The Frugal House – Coupon Trends – Everything is Going Digital & Mobile

If video killed the radio star, what will mobile do to the printable coupon? There are big trends picking up in the coupon industry pushing more and more to digital and mobile offers. This week we are talking to industry experts and digital coupon industry leaders about the growing trend of digital saving.

Whether it’s an app for your phone or offers that pop up when you enter a certain store, you can’t say couponing is for the grandma’s of the world. This is where savings is going, so hop on board and learn about all the new trends and technology in the industry.

A huge thanks to my guests this week for sharing how they are staying up with the latest technology and where their companies are headed in the future:

Josh Grossman – Marketing Director for SavingStar

Bryan Leach – CEO of Ibotta App

Nicole Harris – Director of Operations for Snip Snap



Mark Bees – CPG and Grocer Industry Consultant