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Renee McGivern

Nonprofit Spark – Making your nonprofit a welcome place for young professionals – 06/03/13

Last week, the show explored how to keep high performers happy and this week, we look at young professionals. What do you need to do to attract and keep them? Are you willing to try something new? My guest this week is Keenan Wellar, a co-leader and director of communications for LiveWorkPlay, a nonprofit in Ottawa, Canada. It supports people with intellectual disabilities in having a good life. He founded the organization with his wife, Julie Kingstone, in 1995 and since then, LiveWorkPlay has become a welcoming place for young staff members searching for meaningful work.

On the show, Keenan describes four ingredients in making an organization the kind of place where young professionals thrive and stay. These may require a paradigm shift in how you operate but it’s a change worth undertaking if it results in a new generation of capable and passionate nonprofit leaders.

If you’re curious about the transition LiveWorkPlay made in operating from a social change point of view, listen to my interview with him on the show, A nonprofit reinvents itself, which aired the week of April 16, 2012.

I hope you enjoy the show.