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Renee McGivern

Nonprofit Spark – Overcoming board dysfunction – replay 07/01/13

This week, Americans celebrate Independence Day on July 4th so I’m taking the week off. And in the spirit of breaking free from tyranny, I’m replaying a show from 2011 called Overcoming Nonprofit Board Dysfunction!

Gee, you’ve never had to deal with that have you?

There are two interviews. The first is with Susan Mogenson of Brown Dog Consulting. She’s an expert at non-profit governance. The second interview is with Allan Techiman who, at that time, was president of the Canadian Actors’ Equity Association.

This is a longer show but I promise you, it’s worth every minute. You will laugh with recognition and be very happy with the concrete ideas my two guests provide.

I have a request. Let me know how Nonprofit Spark has helped you and your organization. Did you hear an idea or two that you implemented? Just like you measure your program effectiveness, this is how I’ll measure mine. Send me an email at nonprofitspark@gmail.com and let me know how the show made a difference for you. I’ll be glad to mention you and your organization on the show!

Enjoy this insightful, hopeful show, Overcoming Nonprofit Board Dysfuntion.