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Renee McGivern

Nonprofit Spark – Can’t we all just get along? Making different generations happy in the workplace – 07/08/13

A show from a few weeks ago focused on Making your nonprofit a welcome place for young professionals; thousands of you downloaded it. My guest on that show, Keenan Wellar of LiveWorkPlay, really got me thinking about how we can better manage a multigenerational workforce and so I sought out my favorite expert on human resources and nonprofits. Paula J MacLean is a consultant and author of five books, including 7 New Rules for the Sandbox. It focuses on creating productive cross-generational teams, and attracting and retaining great employees of every age.

Paula has some useful suggestions for making work “work-able;” every one of us needs to learn to adjust and bend instead of complain and resist. Your organization will not be as successful as it could be if you don’t understand what your employees need to be happy and you treat them all the same.

Before you listen to this episode, I have a request. Let me know how Nonprofit Spark has helped you and your organization. This show is downloaded some 40,000 times per month but that doesn’t tell me what kind of difference this show is making for you. That’s what really matters to me. So email me at nonprofitspark@gmail.com and let me know of an idea or two that has helped you. I’ll give your nonprofit a shout-out on the show!

Okay. Enough about that. Enjoy this fast-paced show that will give you a fresh take on your employees.