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Prosper Now!

Tracy O’Brien

Prosper Now! – Disadvantages + Disability = Opportunity

You may be a high school dropout or concerned about your kid who’s headed that way, wondering if there’s hope for the future. Maybe you feel physically unable to accomplish your dreams and goals. Would it help you to know that you’re not alone in this, and you could actually use those things to your advantage in the workplace and in service of your dreams and goals?

Edwin Sprague has been there, done that, and accomplished great things in spite of all the so-called disadvantages he had. Despite his learning disability, he’s the author of 2 books, The Point Guard and The Z Factor, as well as having played in the NFL. Join us to learn how he did it, and how you can use the same principles and mindsets to get what you want out of life.

Whole Life Prosperity is all about How Are You Smart? It’s not if you’re smart, it’s how are you smart. Join me to discover your inner genius. You just might have a very pleasant surprise and the opportunity to get a free strategy session!