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The Dog Connection

Annie Brody

The Dog Connection – New Ways to Train Your Dog that Build Your Relationship

As canine cognition researchers have been scientifically proving how dogs think and perceive the world, cutting edge trainers and behaviorists are applying their findings to working with dogs in new ways that are based on mutual respect between the species, create a high quality of connection and avoid any force or pressure on the dog.

Today’s guest is dog trainer and certified canine behavior consultant Shannon Fitzgerald who owns and operates Leading the Way Training and Doggie Day Care Center in Florence, MA. She is also the Off Leash Behavior Director of Camp Unleashed and has over 25 years experience of training and educating both dogs and their humans in a positive way.

Shannon shares with us how dog training has changed and why dominance theory is no longer valid and doesn’t work. Tune in to discover some simple ways we can incorporate the latest scientific findings for motivating, playing and living happily with our dogs.