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Time Management Radio – TMR 072213, Veronica Vandoloski Director of Marketing, Brand Networks Inc: How to Save Time Building your Personal Brand with Social Media

Your personal brand is your voice across all social media platforms. It’s how you show up on social media sites, in conversations with friends and colleagues and how people view and remember you. It’s what you stand for. Effectively building your personal brand is also your opportunity to become the go-to person for your area of expertise.

My guest today is Veronica Vandoloski, Director of Marketing at Brand Networks Inc., a leading provider of social solutions and digital marketing services for some of the world’s most influential brands.

Listen today as we discuss:
• How you can quickly and strategically build your personal brand
• How to leverage Twitter and LinkedIn
• Effective social media strategies for busy executives
• The pitfalls of getting too distracted and wasting time on social networks
• How to protect your brand while handling uncomfortable comments directed at you on social sites
• The best time and day for using social media
• Which forms of social media are most effective for executives and which ones are a waste of time

Veronica has worked in social media since 2008, helping major consumer brands like American Express, General Electric and Starwood Hotel Resorts make the most of their social marketing efforts. Prior to working at Brand Networks, Veronica was the Digital PR Manager at Rue La La, helping to grow their social media channels and develop relationships with digital influencers. You can discover more about Veronica and building a social media brand at