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Jim Duke

Guide for Gay Living – Lichen Craig — Touch — Gay Domestic Abuse

Statistically speaking, 11% of lesbians report violence by their female partner and 15% of gay men who lived with a male partner report being victimized by a male partner. But numbers do not tell the story of what happens when love hurts. What are the forms that abuse can take? What are the abusers trying to achieve through violence and control, and how do victims extricate themselves from violent relationships? Resources are available to those who are being abused or know someone who is, such as the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Lichen Craig is the author “Gentleman’s Game,” a novel which deals with the issue of gay domestic abuse that rose from her years of working with victims in domestic abuse support programs. “Touch A Love Story” is a film project currently in development that shares a relationship between two men that overcome a history of gay domestic abuse. Join Jim Duke and his guests for this important and compelling discussion on an issue that is too often unspoken.