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Kathryn McKinnon

Time Management Radio – TMR 080513, Corissa St. Laurent, Director, Regional Development, Constant Contact: Save Time & Engage Clients with your Marketing Message

The internet makes it easy to market your message and reach more people; However, it’s also more difficult to cut through the clutter, to get noticed, and leave a lasting impression to engage potential customers and promote your products and services.
Today we discuss some of the best practices for saving time while successfully engaging potential clients with your marketing message.

My guest is Corissa St. Laurent, Director of Regional Development and educational marketing expert at Constant Contact.
Since 1998, Constant Contact has provided small businesses with an easy and affordable way to connect and stay engaged with customers.

Corissa and I talk about:
• The 4 things you must have in a marketing plan and strategy to connect and engage with customers
• Ways to uncover your customer’s needs
• Marketing activities that will produce the best results with your time
• Easy ways to automate your marketing
• Best headlines to use to get your message opened and read
• How to prevent your message from going into spam
• And tips to build interest and desire so people respond to your marketing message

Corissa St. Laurent has more than 10 years of experience supporting small businesses, with a background in relationship marketing, new media marketing, event marketing, brand consulting, PR, and education.

Corissa and her team of 12 local marketing experts have educated over 30,000 people on behalf of Constant Contact. She’s also a former small business owner. She founded and operated two businesses before joining Constant Contact, so she understands the dedication and resources that make a small business work and the marketing necessary to make it succeed.

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