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The Undiscovered Goddess

Michelle Colston

The Undiscovered Goddess – Celebrate Every Success

“Don’t pooh-pooh the little things… Before you know it, your life will be covered in pooh.” This is my new credo! All too often we live our lives focusing only on the “big” goals—the bigger title, the bigger paycheck, the bigger loss on the scale—we measure the worth of our successes by the size of the tangible reward. But what about the little things? Making the bed, getting the laundry done, cooking dinner instead of ordering out, getting through the work day without flipping your boss the bird—are these not accomplishments in and of themselves? Baby steps so rarely get seen as something to celebrate and I’m putting an end to that right now. I want to start celebrating EVERYTHING, so that’s what we’re doing on Goddess this week; and here to help is my favorite food and wine expert, Rosina Wilson of Drink Wine With Dinner. From developing a new recipe to launching a new book, this lady knows how to acknowledge a milestone, no matter how big or small! Join me for this super fun episode!