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A Lasting Love

Hadley Finch

A Lasting Love – Brain In Love vs. Thoughts That Kill You and Your Love Life

Get scientific proof of how thinking harms or improves your health and love life from Dr. Sean Sullivan, and America’s Love Guide, Hadley Finch,

Cutting-edge brain research proves how your thoughts actually change your brain physically and have measurable consequences for your health, longevity and relationships.

What if you could see and hear thoughts that can kill you and your love life?
What if you could change your thinking to improve your health and create the life and relationships you love now?

See how to turn those “What if’s” into your new reality and gain proven benefits of the brain in love, even if you’re single, as host Hadley Finch, chats with Dr. Sean Sullivan. He is a Harvard-educated psychologist with a clinical practice in San Francisco CA. He also guides people on Mind Master Journeys worldwide.

As you listen to this life-changing 30-minute conversation, you find out how to:

* Get out of depressed, destructive ruts that steal your joy and even shorten your life
* Experience proven health and happiness benefits of your brain in love
* Do 5 things to reap the health benefits of “The Marriage Effect”, even if you’re single
* Shift your thinking to feel loved and lovable, so you attract love, like an irresistible love magnet
* Innoculate yourself with one ingredient to enlarge your telomeres and prolong your healthy vitality
* Give your children two choices that either overcome challenges and create success in school and sports and all aspects of life, or not
* Ask yourself one daily question that magnetizes even more love to you

Get the great love and happiness you deserve,