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A Woman’s Path to Consciousness

A Woman’s Path to Consciousness – Remove stressful thoughts doing The Work of Byron Katie

Are your troubling thoughts about money, your body, relationships, your family, your childhood, your job, bringing you stress and pain?

Thoughts like “I had a mother who was very domineering, I had a father who was violent, I had a brother who was an addict, we moved too often as I grew up and I couldn’t make friends, I had a terrible accident, I don’t have good options for work, I gain weight way too easily, …”All these reasons, and hundreds or thousands more, are WHY we think we experience stress.

Grace Bell is a counselor and certified facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie, and is the founder of Work With Grace. Her own personal journey includes recovering from an extreme eating disorder in her late teens, bulimia, and two years borderline anorexic. Grace loves working with people committed to recovery from addiction of all kinds, and knows that the compulsion to use, overeat, or hurt oneself comes out of compulsive thinking and believing painful thoughts. Anyone can slow down and question their painful thoughts, and find relief.

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