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Mark Spivak

Quench! – Masterful Insights

We all do our best to decode the world of wine, but have you ever wondered what the subject looks like from an expert’s point of view? Mark speaks with Virginia Philip, Master Sommelier, winner of the competition for Best Sommelier in America, wine director at The Breakers resort in Palm Beach, and owner of Virginia Philip Wine Shop and Academy. She shares her insights on wine quality, her efforts to educate others on the nuances of wine, and some of the challenges she faced years ago as a woman starting out in the wine business. In Bizarre Beverage News, Mark examines the strange practice of hyperdecanting—many of us like to aerate wine, but few consumers will pour a bottle into a blender and froth it on the highest setting for 30-60 seconds. Is this insanity, or cutting-edge technique?


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