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Jenny Martin

The Frugal House – Figuring Out Cloth Diapers: How to Save and What to Buy

One of the largest expenses folks think of with babies is diapers. Figuring out how to afford 2 to 3 years of diapers is something that can break the bank of any family. Because of this, many are choosing to turn to cloth diapers. This week we talked to an expert on cloth diapering, Erin Odom, author of The Cloth Diaper Convert who shared tips on how to get cloth diapers on the cheap, plus what accessories you need and don’t need. To help figure out how cloth diapers works for a typical family we also talked with Amy, a soon to be mom of two who is 17 months in on cloth diapering and preparing for her second go round.

Tune in and get your questions answered and get ready to tackle a huge expense in a frugal way. If we can’t convince you to jump on the cloth diaper bandwagon then check out all the details on how to build a disposable diaper stock pile on the cheap.