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Elaine K. Sanchez

Caregiver Help Radio – Innovations That Help People Walk, Hear, and Communicate

When a person loses his or her ability to walk or to hear, life gets complicated in a hurry. And when a loved one has a dementia-related illness or injury, communication can become just as frustrating for the care receiver as it is for the caregiver.

If you have ever struggled to lift a wheelchair out of the trunk of a car, you have surely thought, “Someone should be able to design a wheelchair that isn’t this heavy and cumbersome!” Joel Smith, Founder of Forward Mobility had that exact same thought when he watched his elderly grandmother struggle to lift a 45-pound wheelchair out of the trunk of her car. At that time, Joel had a successful bicycle manufacturing business, and he decided if he could design and build bicycles that weighed less than 20 pounds, he could develop products that would help people who have trouble with mobility. On this show we talk about his newest product, the Easy Glide Walker, which combines elements of a bicycle with the safety and stability of a walker. It’s quite a unique and innovative design.

We also visit with Dr. Deborah Forrest, author of the book, Touch the Spirit – Connecting to the Inner World of Dementia. She shares how we can move beyond clinical care and connect with people who have cognitive impairments on a spiritual level. We discuss how art, music, pets, and reminiscent therapy impact the quality of life of an individual who has dementia, and she also shares how Dove Chocolates helped her survive her own personal caregiving journey.

If you have ever experienced frustration while trying to talk with a hearing-impaired person on the telephone, you will be particularly interested in the conversation with Michele Ahlman. Michele is President of Clear Sounds, a Chicago-based company that creates, designs, and produces products that help hearing impaired people communicate on the telephone and enjoy the rich, vibrant sounds of music.

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