Health and Wellness

Protecting Your Health

Dr. Donald Robbins and Dr. Kathleen Boyle

Protecting Your Health – Can Green Tea Prevent Cancers? When Do Babies Understand Language? A Parasite You Can Get From Your Pet. The New Health Care Act and the Truth.

Green Tea has been shown to help prevent certain cancers. Find out what else it protects to keep you healthy and cancer free. And how much you need to drink weekly!

You think babies start to understand language when they begin to talk? Think again! Hear a study that shows when babies really start to pay attention to what we say.

PetSide: This parasite can make our pets and ourselves very ill. And we can catch it from each other in very simple ways. Hear the precautions to take to keep our pets and ourselves healthy.

Learn the truth about what to expect from the Health Reform Act due to start in January 2014. We cut through the lies and hype from the media and give you the straight facts about health insurance next year.