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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Healing From Within – A Heartfelt Coversation With The Light That Resides Deep Inside You

In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” Sheryl Glick author of “Life Is No Coincidence- The Life and Afterlife Connection” welcomes JD Messenger author of “11 Days In May”, the story of a spiritual transformation that started after JD had his second near death experience. The book reveals Messinger’s journey into his moral center and the insights generated from a deep understanding of our true inner nature that allows for inspired self- actualization, leadership and a profound gratitude for life and love. JD Messinger was a CEO at Ernst and Young Consulting in Singapore, one of 37 distinguished graduates from the US Naval Academy in l981 and a nuclear submarine officer and advisor to cabinet officials, a former fireman, and former radio and television show creator, producer and host, and the Exxon executive who helped supervise the Valdez Oil Spill cleanup. Weaving together experiences from more than 30 years and four careers, he began to ask the deepest questions asked throughout human history; Who am I, Why am I here, What is a Thought, What are Intentions, What is Matter, Time, Love, War, Sex, Death, Souls, and so on.

As JD and Sheryl confirm our purpose for experiencing a physical life is not just to survive in a challenging world, but to remember and rediscover our inner Being and fulfill our soul’s creative expansion and growth potential, at the same time helping in our own personal evolution. Our individual growth influences the evolution of humanity and the expansion of Universal Energy as we are all connected through time and space and each other exploring and developing our own interests and spiritual talents. However, the modern world has placed many obstacles in the way that keep us distracted from our real life efforts, and the greatest is fear. Fear and resistance to change slow down our search for truth, peace, love, greater health and prosperity. It is only by beginning to understand Energy and how thought forms as energy create and influence the outcomes of our actions, that it becomes easier for us to manifest a wonderful life, no matter what the circumstances are. To accomplish this goal, it is necessary to begin to understand The World of Form, and the World of Formlessness. As a result of his Near Death Experience(NDE) a new appreciation for the World of Form (Physical Life) and the World of Light (Spiritual Life) was discovered and JD reveals how scientists are people of faith, we are all representatives of God, and the sixth sense is more than a movie.

JD gives a wonderfully clear analysis of how life may have manifested and progressed in a developing society and brought us to the conditions that we are now presented with in the world and our personal evolution.

The breakdown begins with:
1 Source was the cosmic energy in a silent void in no place and no time.
2 Source created matter. Physical matter became life force and Species were created.
3 Now there were creatures in the Place in no time and Silence was over.
4 The creatures gained intelligence, knowledge and wisdom. Also love for the land, air, water and each other. Source was pleased.
5 THEN time and beliefs were formed followed by weapons and money. Occasionally the creatures disagreed, yet resources were plentiful and the creatures were few.
6 The creatures multiplied and required an Agricultural Revolution to supply more as the few became many and MORE disagreements arose.
7 The many needed more and an Industrial Revolution provided more industries and institutions. The wise were challenged by a powerful few and lost influence. Resources became scarce.
8 The powerful few became corrupt. Moral laws were violated. The powerful were blinded by sense filled pleasures.
9 Wants outweighed needs, resources were squandered, life force abused and trust destroyed. The Spirit was deadened and Darkness expanded and the imbalance reached a tipping point.
Love of money and toys superseded love of cosmic gifts and life force. ACCOUNTABILITY AND RESPONSIBILITY WERE DESTROYED.
10 Great ILLUSIONS were perpetrated to sustain the artificial environment and CHAOS developed and abounded.
11 Legions of knowledgeable Seedlings became messengers of Source….bearers of light… to restore balance as these unsustainable models and addictions needed to be changed

A SPIRITUAL REVOLUTION HAS BEGUN…. AND THE CONFLICT IS BETWEEN MAN AND SOURCE OR MIND AND SOUL. If we change our thoughts and remember the true reasons for

A physical life and world. Not to sustain ourselves individually, but collectively and be unified.

JD suggests that thoughts are energetic impulses and are no different than the information on the cell phone as both are electrical impulses. By understanding that thoughts are stored in a dimension of Universal Energy we can come to understand the survival of Conscious after death and that Intuition or information can be retrieved by people in alignment to God or Universal Energy and can receive or send just as the human brain is not only doing the thinking process, but also sending and receiving every thought, memory or image that is then stored in your energy field. The essence of all communication is electrical impulses or photons of light.

JD writes….”What you share with me and I with you, that means all of our thoughts, human and divine are flying about together, carrying information and knowledge.” The implication is that people are a collective thought sharing machine and God and man are not separate and distinct beings at all, but connected by thoughts and photons of light. In discussing intentions, which are precursors to thoughts as maybe a wish or goal, it becomes clear that the intention is before the thought and the thought is the result of the entire thinking process and is a photon of light filled with information and knowledge. Some kinds of thoughts are prayers and hopes and dreams that may have goals. Some thoughts come to us without having to think about it and these are actually powerful intuitions or divine inspiration from outside your own mind. Behind all intentions is either a FEAR OR A DESIRE

Fear and or desire, are the precursors to pain and suffering. In discussing pain and suffering, JD and Sheryl share ideas that Pain is the result of a damaged physical body brought about by thoughts and actions that do not assist in discovering and following our inner soul wisdom. Stress and suffering, poor choices and inappropriate behavior over time create imbalances and blockages of the energetic impulses of the life force creating disease, illness or dysfunction. Suffering on the other hand, is a condition created in the mind when the external environment is not consistent with the internal desire. Suffering is optional and created by the mind. Often when we cling to something that is temporary, like an outdated belief or relationship, which can be called an attachment, we resist seeing ourselves and are not cognizant of our soul needs or concerns. A mental virus is an object that the mind desperately wants, but the body and soul do not need, and these desires come from the world of form and could be any object that fuels lust, greed, power or control.

In learning about our soul essence or Being, we discover that the unconscious part of Self is actually trying to guide and direct us to a path or way that is right for us, but the mind or ego often takes us off course masking the inner self and heart desires. In finding out about the 3 parts of the mind; the conscious, subconscious and unconscious, we become aware of Programs and Values and Beliefs learned in childhood and these programs are the lens or filter through which our senses perceive Reality and then dictate Behavior. Of course some programs are good and some are not.

The road to personal freedom and a healthy life are to become aware of our programming, eliminating those that no longer work and do not allow us to access higher virtues such as gratitude, honor, trust, innocence, humility, good will, and love. Becoming authentic and sharing beliefs without imposing those beliefs on others, and also knowing our awareness comes from our own personal experiences and perceptions is the key to higher consciousness.

There seem to be 2 groups or major viewpoints.

One group consists of people who are afraid of losing control or power or who feel threatened, will challenge others and try to stop them, believing the world is a battle and a competition and feel if they accept another person’s idea, they have lost. Winning or losing is the only way for this group of individuals to survive in the physical world of form. This group tears down the beliefs of others and live in a limited world. They believe in Separation and only see the World of Form and you vs. me.

The second group believes in everyone and everything and knows that this separation is an illusion and that we are all a part of each other.
JD wrote: “I want to help others believe what I came to accept with absolute certainty: Based on my own experiences, there are no accidents, no coincidences, and no such thing as luck. What may be perceived as a shock or surprise is predictable and an outcome of a series of laws and forces that guide and direct all of life and reality. Even the laws of physics, fundamental and theoretical are part of this great mystery. I have done my best to put these experiences which I once thought beyond description into words.”

As JD shared his story that spans 30 years two, major Near Death Experiences, he was finally able to see the Mosaic pieces of his life come together in a beautiful pattern of color, vibrancy and loving energetic thoughts. As Sheryl and other guests of “Healing From Within” have also come to know the beauty and dynamic force of our eternal Being and as a result of that knowledge, have modeled their present day work and actions for trying to live the courageous and engaging life of their souls. We hope that one day the world of energy shares its mystical values and makes your life free of fear, restriction, pain and suffering, bringing you to a state of peace.