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Talk For Food- ‘I Say We Bomb Syria,’ Asserts Mr. Obama

You’ll want to listen to this edition of Talk for Food with your heart.

Adam’s guests this week are, by proxy, Mr. Barack Obama via the recorded speech he delivered to the country on September 10, 2013, wherein he presented assertions of atrocities perpetuated by forces in Syria, under the auspices of its president, Bashar al-Assad. Also by proxy, Adam introduces, via audio/video, excerpts, some historical perspective compiled and presented by StormClouds Gathering.

Mr. Obama explained why, in his opinion and role as head of the oldest “constitutional democracy,” a unilateral, targeted military strike was/is the appropriate response.

Awarded the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize in 2009, the call for military action against a country that has not taken a direct action against the U.S., appears to be totally out of character, and of dubious merit. The problem is, according to Adam, that few media outlets are providing any counterpoint to the president’s logic and reasoning.

So Adam presents the president himself. Hear his words, and Adam’s thoughts about what they really mean, based not only on what is said, but how it is said, and what how.

Now the chief, unilateral proponent of wielding a “little” show of force against Syria, Mr. Obama follows a course that has led the United States into several protracted, devastating wars. But then, that’s what wars are intended to be. By the way, in addition to being unwise in a humanistic and diplomatic sense, these actions are both unconstitutional and impeachable.

Bringing additional historical context to Mr. Obama’s speech, Adam presents excerpts from an audio/video piece titled, The Syrian War: What You’re NOT Being Told, produced by StormClouds Gathering.

Take a look at the “leader” of the “most powerful nation on earth,” then ask yourself does his words, actions, or vision make any sense?

In your heart you will know the answer.

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