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Wholehearted Parenting

Bonnie Compton APRN, BC, CPNP

Wholehearted Parenting – SPREADING JOY…ONE TOY AT A TIME

As a child & adolescent therapist and play therapist, I certainly recognize the importance of play…both in children and adults.

I’ve had the pleasure over the past several years, of shopping in a local toy store, for toys for my play therapy room. I’ve had many years of toy shopping experience and have been in many toy stores, not only for my work with children, but for my own children, and grandchildren.

However, I’ve never shopped in one like Wonder Works, a local store in Charleston, SC. I believe Wonder Works has it’s own culture and mission to spread fun, magic and joy! It is so evident that the staff at Wonder Works toy store truly love their jobs and want to make a difference.

From their enthusiasm to their altruistic efforts, I believe they are making the world a better place…and I know for certain, that every time I leave Wonder Works, I feel a bit brighter and lighter!

So when I began to create today’s show, I wanted to highlight both individuals and businesses, that not only provide products for children, but help make children’s lives even brighter. So I invited Christine Osbourne, owner of Wonder Works Toy Store, to share her story about her business of bringing magic and joy to children and families. I was thinking that if all of us, put fun, magic and joy into our lives, both at work and play…what a better world it might be.

Christine shares that “the hands-on activities and toys one experiences in Wonder Works are so vital in bringing out the child in all of us.”

I hope you’ll join my conversation with Christine, creator and Queen Bee of Wonder Works Toy Store!