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Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Living From Within Your Spiritual Mind

In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” Host Sheryl Glick welcomes Dr. Maurie D. Pressman author of “Living In The Supermind”. The title alone alludes to the fact that each of us is capable of exploring our full range of spiritual talents and innate wisdom by a process of self-discovery about the multi-dimensional layers of our intellectual and spiritual essence. Dr. Pressman is chairman of Psychiatry at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia and Emeritus Chairman of Clinical Psychiatry at Temple Medical School. His private practice focuses on Spiritual Psychotherapy and the exploration of the human soul. For over 40 years Dr. Pressman has explored the connections between Traditional Psychiatry and Holistic- Spiritual Psychotherapy. Interested in the mind-body connection for a more complete assessment of an individual’s health needs, Dr. Pressman has taught Sports Science at the University of Delaware and has pioneered the use of hypnosis and creative visualization working with Olympic ice skaters helping them reach their fullest potential. Dr. Pressman has done extensive research on death and dying, behavior genetics, and learning disabilities.

Sheryl Glick, your host, would like to share her observations working as an intuitive Reiki energy practitioner, noticing people are able to release repressed emotions and physical health issues by entering states of relaxation. Altered states created by the use of meditation, energy healing sessions or visualization techniques, psychic readings received from Higher Consciousness, help clients connect to their own soul presence. New perceptions bypassing many limited belief systems and or patterns of childhood or traumatic situations may be released.

Dr. Pressman realized early in his life that he wished to help people have a truer view of Religion, (Belief Systems) Spirituality, (Self-Investigation and Self-Mastery of Life and Emotions) and Healing,( A Multi-dimensional approach to the Mind-Body state of well being) so he told his mother he would either be a doctor or a rabbi. Many sensitive or gifted intuitive children know that the division or separation created by many religious belief systems, limit our true exposure to the realization that we are energetic or spiritual beings having a physical life. Living only in the physical view of Life is a distinct handicap to developing our most dynamic and healthy life experience.

Dr. Pressman eventually began to know scientifically and from his exploration of the Eastern philosophies, the Reality of the Supermind. While psychoanalytic training taught him to stay within the limits of the body-mind connection, meditation and entering relaxed states gave subtle or a spiritual sense along with impressions for knowing more about Self beyond his technical training. As he received inspired thoughts from the Spirit World of the Super World, he discovered similar insights to the Masters; such as Aurobindo, Yogananda Or Ramakrisna.

Dr. Pressman wrote, “There is a counter movement, a movement of seekers who know the value of Emotion, Love and the presence of the Heart Brain and advance studies in Quantum Physics are proving that the core teachings of all religions are concerned with the One-ness that we are and to which we shall return…knowing this is the Essential Truth.” Sheryl Glick as Host Of “Healing From Within” in recent interviews with Rabbi Wayne Dosick who wrote “The Real Name of God”, Dr. Vernon M. Sylvest, a pathologist who wrote “The End of Fear”, Dr. Eben Alexander, a neurosurgeon who wrote “Proof of Heaven,” and myself as a Spiritual Teacher along with accomplished energy healers, psychologists, spiritual leaders, educators, philosophers, scientists and members of the entertainment and music fields have all proclaimed the same realization….We are much more than we seem and life is an eternal dance of Evolution and Expansion connecting our Soul Energy to each other and to the continuous layers of Eternal Life beyond our physical realm.

In describing the Supermind, a term coined by Dr. Pressman he says, “The Supermind is the highest level of mind, closest to the Creator. The Supermind is a highly elevated plane of mind and personality at once within us and around us. It is the locale of goodness and altruism….it is our divine potential and the reflection of the God-mind. We recognize and function from this mind when we teach the personality to surrender to a higher authority and lay aside its ego and open to the divine messages being offered to us.”

We may access this level of connection by removing the blocks and restrictions imposed by our personal or physical life realities and attain inner peace and acceptance of ourselves and others without blaming anyone.

However, some of the restrictions we use which do not allow inner peace or well-being are:
1. Repression (forgetting),
2. Projection( It is someone else’s fault, not mine),
3. Distraction( I will not think about it, I will take my mind off it),
4. Intellectualization ( I will keep my thoughts running so I won’t feel anything)
5. Withdrawal (Moving into one’s self, moving away from the other person or situation that evokes unpleasant feelings)
6. Avoidance
7. Phobias (A phobic fear such as a fear of insects is a substitute for a more real fear)
8. Moving into dream, sleeping, fantasy
9. Splitting the emotion from the feeling (Becoming blank about the feeling)

There are many benefits to living in the Spiritual Mind or Supermind. One benefit includes the Power of Intuition and this direct knowing helps us in becoming more sensitive to other people and sense what is really going on . Another benefit of the Supermind is we may become more creative as creativity comes from Intuition. Still, another benefit is, we now have the knowledge of Immortality and the ability to help those facing an incurable illness or who those who have lost a loved one. Accessing the power to heal the body is still another benefit. Since we are all closely related, we usually know others by only the identification processes of the ego or personal mind and a benefit of the Supermind is we may more fully use our Heart Brain along with our personal reality. One of the greatest benefits of the Supermind is the ability to love more deeply and more nearly selflessly. Knowing the joy of helping others, since we are all one, is still another great benefit. Cooperation becomes a natural state of interaction and competition is only necessary for self development and for appreciating the efforts of others. Accessing limited vibrations such as jealously, greed, anger, hatred, and envy are no longer natural or in accordance with this higher view of Self and Supermind.
In describing Spirit and the Soul Dr. Pressman expresses, “The Spirit is the divine spark within each of us, a part of God Himself creating and inhabiting every part of creation, including humankind. Because the Divine is all powerful and all knowing, it does not experience. One can only experience by having limitations…so the Soul is the Causal Body or the Fourth Plane of Involution of God’s need to experience through our physical being….the Soul is the part of God that can experience in its material form or denser form. The Soul receives instructions from above by being open and transmits them to the human brain. This is INSPIRATION. The Soul is a Storage House for the higher experiences of humanity.”

In speaking about Spiritual Psychotherapy, Dr. Pressman says “ Spiritual Psychotherapy is conventional, dynamic therapy expanded to include the spiritual realm as in the following…a group therapy session uniting members of a family eager to help each other learn more about our immortality, near death and after death encounters through their members physically present or those in Spirit who may visit and join in the healing group.”

Sheryl Glick describes a basic Unfoldment Group that she leads where during a group meditation, members are able to feel the subtle shifts of energy or spiritual presence around them and sensitive members are able to receive impressions or thoughts from these visiting spiritual loved ones. These healing groups allow members to feel more connected to each other and those who are no longer in a physical life.

Dr. Pressman gives his vision of what it is like after death. He suggests that rising above the soul, entering the Realm of Knowing Beyond Knowing, is what death is about. There is no need for your energy double to breath as you are completely at peace beyond awareness, intuition and vision and a kind of clairvoyance is present and the staircase to God-awareness is revealed.

Dr Pressman also mentions “Kamaloka, the interval between incarnations or other lives, a place looking and knowing there is more, a place unfamiliar, yet familiar, and a passage way to deeper spiritual realms. Dr. Pressman also says for those individuals fixated on physical pleasures and no spiritual awareness, the transition is harder and they experience a time of confusion and uncertainty after leaving the body. Beyond this initial entrance to the Divine dimension, the Essential Self would remain traveling through and waiting in the Devachan (the intermediate heaven) and reincarnate in a further journey later on.”

Every physical life offers the Soul the opportunity to move through resistance to transcendence where the most primitive or underdeveloped aspects of our personality or material and physical attachment to life may be surrendered. This release of attachments allows a more spiritual conceptualization on the aesthetic and altruistic plane….closer to the values of the Spiritual Laws of the Universe. By beginning the real work of facing our Internal Resistance to our Soul true purpose to remove fears from the personal mind begins the soul’s journey of Ascension to greater integrity, honor and love.

Dr. Pressman uses several terms that help to explain the qualities that are close to the Soul and must be found, if lost, in order to overcome the falseness of the lower aspects of our physical world. “Attention is the great Vivifying Force that allows surrender or the giving up of control to allow for something higher to manifest. Meditation is one means to begin this process. The Witness or ever-present observing Self allow us to reach a state of Detachment also known as Samahdi…absolute mind-still, timelessness, detachment from all wants: a loss of self-consciousness which may be achieved by a complete absorption in an activity. Peace is the ultimate reward.”

In sharing Dr. Pressman’s intimate, truthful and informative descriptions of the human mind and the interconnections between the mysteries of our physical and spiritual life forces, we can Ascend and Evolve into lighter, happier, healthier, brighter, human and divine beings. Begin the work by getting to know yourself, the values and hopes within and seek the best thoughts, actions and choices. Surround yourself with others who seek a more purposeful quality of life, and who search for a clearer mind-body connection.

Guest:  Dr. Maurie D. Pressman